Touch friendly Windows 8.1 Games

In this Blogpost i want to share my experiences with playing Games on a Windows 8 device. There are only a few Games with native touch support out there if you know some, let me know. I will also mention games which i thought should be playable but dissappointed me somehow.

Native touch support

  • Heartstone (Blizzard)
  • Broken Age (Double Fine)
  • Civilization V (Firaxis)
  • Shadowrun Returns (HBS)
  • X-Com Enemy Unkown (Firaxis)
  • Sword and Swarcery (Capybara)
  • Sid Meier’s Starships (Firaxis) [But serious issues with small high density screens]

No native support, but working somehow

  • Starcraft (Blizzard) [Hard to scroll the map, only possible via minimap. Right click requires long touch]
  • Puzzle Agent (Telltale) [Works nearly perfect]
  • Puzzle Agent 2 (Telltale) [Works nearly perfect]
  • Legend of Grimrock (Almost Human) [Even there exits a „Touch mode“, walking requires a double touch and feels unnatural]

No native support, not playable

  • Grim Fandango Remastered (Double Fine)


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